UK Sniffer Dogs Nosework for Pet Dogs

Improving dog's lives through nosework, with a programme that enables owners to give their dogs positive scent experiences, not only teaching them to work and play with scent, but using scent to rectify problems in pet dogs when it comes to behaviour. The power of nosework is endless!

What is scent detection training?

Scent Detection Training has long been used widely across the world, for working and operational services.

Our amazing  dogs have been used to search for drugs, bombs, firearms, cash, contraband, missing people and human remains.

Then even more amazing , in recent years dogs are being used for assistance purposes, medical alert  (Diabetes) and medical detection, detecting cancer cells in humans..... WOW! 

UK Sniffer Dogs was created with pet dog owners in mind, making it fun and rewarding whilst putting your dog's natural scent abilities to work. 

Our classes are designed for ALL dogs, whether they are slightly unsociable, energetic, elderly, young or perhaps a breed you may not associate with scent work.  ALL dogs benefit from scent work!  

We run our UK Sniffer Dogs classes and workshops on Saturday mornings at the Wickham Centre, Wickham, Fareham. 


Detection Dog Series 1 & 2 Workshops

UK Sniffer Dogs Detection Dog Series 1 & 2, will give you all the skills as a handler and dog scent work team to complete the Bronze Trial - building freeze indication on target scent, completing searches on pipes, chairs, bags, vehicle and novel search environments like exterior walls and fences. 

Each workshop consists of two 2 hour sessions and includes an accompanying booklet and certificate of attendance.

The cost of each workshop is £50

Workshop Dates 2019

Series 1

10am to 12pm Saturday  28th September and Saturday 5th October 2019 - FULL

10am to 12 pm Saturday 9th November and  Saturday 16th November 2019 - 2 places left

Series 2

10am to 12pm Saturday 23rd November and Saturday 30th November 2019

For more details and to book a place please contact us.



Ideal for dogs who have completed the UK Sniffer Dogs series 1 and 2 workshops and want to continue their scent work training or work towards completing a trial; these ongoing blocks of 6 week classes build upon the skills already obtained and work on increasing duration, distance, distraction and difficulty of searches. Exercises include building freeze indication on target scent, completing searches on pots, pipes, and boxes, chairs, bags, vehicles and novel search environments like exterior walls, fences and random new areas as well as mock trials.

The cost of each 6 week course is £70

Classes will commence in early 2020, watch this space for more details!


Competitions and Trials

Work up the Levels as a crime fighting UK sniffer handler and dog team. Bronze silver and gold levels can all be obtained by attending the relevant trial once you have completed the exercises from the UK Sniffer Dogs Detection Dog Series Workshops. For bronze level, workshops series 1 & 2 must be completed. 

The cost of each trial is £20 and a certificate and rosette will be awarded upon passing the trial.

Trials will commence in 2020, watch this space for more details!