Terms and Conditions

1. All dogs attending our courses and workshops need to be vaccinated and microchipped and we may ask to see proof of this when you first attend.

2. Dogs must be kept on lead at all times when attending our courses and workshops unless specifically instructed by the course/workshop instructor to take them off lead for specific exercises. Only one dog will be permitted to be off lead at any one time in the interest of safety. Please bring your dog on a standard length lead (extendable leads can be beneficial to use in some environments but are not suited to indoor class environments).

3. We cannot accept any breeds prohibited under the Dangerous Dogs Act 1991 on our courses or workshops.

4. We are unable to accept dogs that have aggressive tendencies towards dogs and/or people on our courses and workshops due to the specialist care they require. If you do have a dog with aggressive tendencies, we will be happy to recommend other local trainers/behaviourists qualified to specifically deal with such issues.

5. Please do not bring your dog to the course or workshop if they are suffering from any contagious illness or are experiencing sickness or diarrhoea. If you are unsure whether to bring your dog, please check with your vet in the first instance and then contact us.

6. Due to the distraction it can bring to male dogs and to prevent the risk of unplanned pregnancy, bitches cannot attend our courses or workshops whilst in season. Please contact us if you are enrolled on a course or workshop and your dog has come into season and we will endeavour to place you on an alternative date or carry over any missed weeks to a future course. 

7. Please notify us of any allergies, behaviour problems or health issues (non contagious) that your dog has when booking on any of our courses and workshops. This will help us to tailor individual exercises to your dog's needs.

8. There must be a minimum of one handler per dog attending our courses and workshops. Children are welcome to attend and take part in the training providing they are accompanied by a responsible adult. Family members are also welcome to attend and take part in the training.

9. We only use force free methods in our courses and workshops and will not tolerate any harsh handling or use of equipment that causes pain to the dog such as choke chains or e-collars. Anyone witnessing such methods should report this to the course/workshop instructor as soon as possible.

10. Places are limited on our courses and workshops as we prefer to have small classes where all handlers and dogs get the full help and attention they deserve. We therefore require a non refundable deposit of £10 to be paid at the time of booking via bank transfer or cheque. Your place will not be secured until the deposit has been received/cheque has cleared. The remaining balance is payable in full when you attend on the start date of the course or workshop and can be paid by cash, card or cheque.

11. Refunds will only be given in exceptional circumstances for example loss or death of a dog or rehoming. In some circumstances we may be able to agree transfer of course fees paid for to a future course or workshop with the final decision being made by K9 Klass.


"We attended a 4 week recall class recently with our 8 month old Cockapoo. We learnt SO much and think Juanita is fantastic - all dogs respond to her. We will be looking out for other suitable courses in the future."