Perfect Fit Harnesses

We are stockists of Perfect Fit Harnesses

Recommended by vets, trainers and behaviourists,  the Perfect Fit dog harness is a walking harness of unique modular design, allowing us to fit almost any shape and size of dog. 

Why choose Perfect Fit?

  • Modular design allows and secure and snug fit for almost any size & shape of dog
  • Easy to clip around dog’s neck and NOT put over head
  • Adjustable in up to 5 different places
  • Each piece can be replaced as or when needed
  • Front piece comes with an additional D-ring as standard
  • Safe for amputee dogs (Tripawed!)
  • Difficult for escapologist dogs to get out of
  • Calming for excitable dogs


For teacup and tiny dogs we would recommend the Tiny Perfect Fit Harness

For miniature and small dogs, the 15mm Perfect Fit Harness

For medium to large dogs dogs, the 20mm Perfect Fit Harness

And for large, extra large or very strong dogs, the 40mm Perfect Fit Harness

Here at K9 Klass we have a fitting kit containing all the sizes available from Perfect Fit, ensuring that you get the correct size and fit for your dog.

To arrange a fitting on one of our class days please contact us via email at or by telephone on 023 9311 6806. Alternatively you can send us a message via our Contact Us page.

Learn More

For more details on the benefits of Perfect Fit Harnesses you can visit their website via the link below:

Dog Games website